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Our firm has the successful experience and knowledge to guide you through your personal injury lawsuit. We provide compassionate counsel regarding your potential case, and if you choose to pursue litigation, we offer aggressive and reputable representation in court. Let us put our firm’s more than 40 years of experience to work for you.

  • Auto accidents — Automobile (car, truck or motorcycle) accidents are extremely common and may cause a number of significant medical issues, including long-term spinal and head injuries.
  • Construction accidents — A construction site often has machinery or scaffolding issues that can cause significant medical and financial harm.
  • Nursing home abuse — Abuse or neglect of the elderly in nursing homes can lead to a host of medical conditions, including bedsores and malnutrition. It may even cause wrongful death.
  • Animal attacks — Pet owners are often far too lax about properly supervising their pets. Dog bites are among the most common causes of personal injury claims.
  • Defective products — Products that are defective or incorrectly manufactured frequently cause a wide range of bodily injuries, including poisoning, dismemberment and major joint damage.

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